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Vero SME Index: Feature Podcast Examines Broker Interaction

May 31, 2021

The first of a special three-episode series of podcasts focusing on Vero’s SME Insurance Index report has been released.

The Insurance with INsight series is a collaboration between Vero and Insurance News to mark the 10th anniversary of the SME Index.

Over a decade, the index surveyed more than 14,000 SMB owners who provided unique insights into their insurance buying habits and identified numerous challenges and trends in the industry.

Today’s episode covers an important topic in the SMB Index – interaction – and the fact that the more connected a broker is with the client, the happier the client is.

We examine why this is happening, how brokers can capitalize on it, and the risks associated with a hands-off approach.

The episode is moderated by Andrew Silcox, Managing Director of Insurance News, and features Vero Head of Commercial Intermediaries Anthony Pagano as well as the usual INsight panel, Insurance News publisher Terry McMullan and Insurance News Managing Editor John Deex.

There are also contributions from key broker industry representatives and clients.

The next episode will be available in about two weeks. See all INsight episodes here.

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