Record number of female fund managers nominated for the FE Fundinfo Alpha Awards

Wellington Asset Management’s John Boselli, David Eiswert and Ben Griffiths from T. Rowe Price, Douglas Brodie from Baillie Gifford and Anthony Smouha from GAM are fighting for the best alpha manager award in 2021, according to FE fundinfo.

This year, more than 60 fund managers were nominated for the FE-Fondsinfo Alpha Manager Award in 13 different categories for a range of markets and asset classes.

These include awards for managers working in the global emerging markets of the world, Europe, the UK, the US and APAC, as well as absolute return, strategic bonds and sterling fixed income.

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The Alpha Manager Awards, which are presented every year by the global fund data and technology company FE fundinfo, identify and celebrate the “Guardians of Fund Management” in various investment categories.

Liontrust Duo Scoop FE Fundinfo Alpha Manager Award

Charles Younes, Research Manager at FE fundinfo, said: “In what has been a difficult year for fund managers, the Alpha Manager Awards highlight the achievements of the most successful.

“When many markets crashed in February and March last year, these nominees were able to protect their clients during the downturn and capitalize quickly and effectively as the markets rebounded.

“With last year’s volatility continuing into this year, Alpha Manager’s nominees have once again demonstrated the value of good active management.”

This year, a record number of female fund managers will also be recognized for their accomplishments over the past year. The nominees include Sophie Earnshaw, who is part of a joint team (together with Roderick Snell and Will Sutcliffe) from Baillie Gifford and competes in the category Best Alpha Manager – Global Emerging Markets Equities, and Eva Fornadi (together with Franz Weis, Laurent ) Dobler, Arnaud Cosserat and Alistair Wittet) from Comgest, who compete in the Best Alpha Manager – European Equities category.

Alger Management’s Ankur Crawford and Amy Zhang are featured in the Best Alpha Manager – US Equities category, while Sophia Li and Chantana Ward are part of joint teams representing First Sentier and Comgest in the Best Alpha Manager – Japanese Equities category.

They face Miyako Urabe from JP Morgan Asset Management, while Amy Zhang is up for another award in the Small Cap category. In the Best New Alpha Manager category, Denise Simon was nominated by Lazard, as was Ankur Crawford.

A record 72 fund managers who have been awarded alpha status by FE fundinfo

Tanvi Kandlur, Senior Fund Analyst at FE Investments, added: “It is particularly gratifying to see so many female fund managers competing for an Alpha Manager Award this year. The industry has taken a number of important steps over the past 18 months to achieve this increase management representation While much more remains to be done, these nominations are beginning to show the effectiveness of many fund groups’ approach to improving diversity in their organizations.

“The Alpha Manager Awards are the pinnacle of the fund management industry and we wish all nominees the best of luck.”

The selection list for each category was determined by determining the FE-Fundinfo-Alpha-Managers with the highest number of points from the rebalancing in 2021. A mix of quantitative and qualitative assessment was then used to select the most successful from this shortlist.

To honor the achievements of the best fund managers in Great Britain, FE fundinfo will celebrate the “Guardians of Fund Management” virtually on Wednesday, June 16.

The 2021 Alpha Manager Shortlist is complete

Best Alpha Manager – Absolute Return

Ben Wallace and Luke Newman, Janus Henderson

Shrenick Shah, JP Morgan

Andrew Headley, Veritas

Jeremy Wharton, church house investment

David Keetley and Stephen McCormick, Polar Capital

Best Alpha Manager – Globally Developed Stocks

John A Boselli, Wellington

David J. Eiswert, T. Rowe Prize

Douglas Brodie, Baillie Gifford

Kristian Heugh, Morgan Stanley

Ben Fitchew, Jeremy Laing and William Pattisson, Ardevora

Best Alpha Manager – Global Emerging Markets Equities

Rajiv Jain, GQG partner

Roderick Snell, Will Sutcliffe and Sophie Earnshaw, Baillie Gifford

Nick Price, loyalty

Andrew Dalrymple, Aubrey Capital Management

Anuj Arora, JP Morgan

Best Alpha Manager – European Equities

Ben Griffiths, T. Rowe Price

Eva Fornadi, Franz Weis, Laurent Dobler, Arnaud Cosserat and Alistair Wittet, Comgest

David Duding, thread needle

Mark Heslop, Jupiter

Thorsten Winkelmann, Allianz

Best Alpha Manager – UK stocks

Keith Ashworth-Lord, Sanford DeLand

Julian Fosh and Anthony Cross, Liontrust

Nick Train, Lindsell Train

Luke Kerr, Merian

Richard Hallett, Marlborough

Best Alpha Manager – US Stocks

Tom Slater, Baillie Gifford

Ankur Crawford, Alger Management

Amy Zhang, Alger Management

Christopher J. Warner, Wells Fargo

Kenneth M. Stuzin, Brown Advisory

Best Alpha Manager – Japanese Stocks

Ronald Slattery, loyalty

Sophia Li and Martin Lau, First Sentier

Chantana Ward, Makoto Egami and Richard Kaye, Comgest

Miyako Urabe, JP Morgan

Shintaro Harada, Nomura

Best Alpha Manager – Sterling Fixed Income

Jeremy Wharton, church house investment

Leon Grenyer, Morgan Stanley

Richard Woolnough, M & G.

Michael Matthews, Invesco

Michael Della Vedova, T. Rowe Price

Best Alpha Manager – Asia Pacific Ex Japan Stocks

Ezra Sun, Veritas

Anthony Srom, loyalty

Yu Zhang, Matthews Asia

Jeff Li, EFG Asset Management

Martin Lau, First Sentier

Best Alpha Manager – Sterling Strategic Bond

Anthony Smouha, GAM

Richard Hodges, Nomura

Ariel Bezalel, Jupiter

Peter Doherty, Sanlam

Richard Woolnough, M & G.

Best Alpha Manager – Small Cap

Ben Griffiths, T. Rowe Price

Daniel Nickols, Merian

Mark Heslop, Jupiter

Harry Nimmo, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Amy Zhang Alger Management

Best Alpha Manager – New

Tom Slater, Baillie Gifford

Denise Simon, Lazard

Rajiv Jain, GQG partner

Michael Constantine, Blackrock

Ankur Crawford, Alger Management

Alpha Manager of the year 2021

John A Boselli, Wellington

David J. Eiswert, T. Rowe Prize

Douglas Brodie, Baillie Gifford

Ben Griffiths, T. Rowe Price

Anthony Smouha, GAM

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