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Every adult would have faced this situation at least once in their life. Figuring out finances is one of the hardest things in adult life. The financial world is confusing to a layperson who doesn’t care. There are many things to know, to remember, to understand, and to do.

There are several transfer options that put customers in a dilemma. Which transmission method is ideal for you? Is PNC Transfer the Best Option? How convenient is the PNC transfer method? Don’t worry anymore! At Market Activity, we’ve heard your concerns and we’re ready to help! In today’s article we explain the PNC transfer service and how does it work? Read on to learn more about PNC transfer!


PNC is one of the largest banking companies in the United States. PNC offers its clients a wide variety of financial services such as asset management, estate planning, asset management, information processing, and lending. The PNC bank reaches 9 million customers in the US through its 2,296 branches in 21 different states. It also offers them other services such as deposit, credit cards, lending, investment and cash management.


PNC transfer is one of the many methods of transferring money from one account to another. When it comes to international transfers in particular, there are very few trustworthy methods that can be used to send money without fear, uncertainty or doubt. PNC wire transfer can be used to send money domestically from one account to another account within US borders. PNC transfer is also used to transfer money internationally to other countries. Usually this type of service is offered for a certain fee.


Any transfer of money from one account to another is almost always associated with a specific transaction fee. Depending on the type of transaction at home and abroad, prices can change significantly. This applies to all types of monetary transactions. As with the other transaction methods, PNC wire transfer also charges a specific fee for the transactions they process. The transactions are calculated at different rates for incoming and outgoing transfers within Germany and for incoming and outgoing transfers abroad.

To complete a transaction, you will need to provide the recipient’s name, their bank name, account number and the details of the pickup. After receiving all of this necessary information, a bank such as PNC can conduct a wire transfer transaction to the recipient. It’s also important to note that PNC Bank has some of the highest fees for transactions when compared to other banks in the US.

Below are the fees charged by PNC transfer for different types of transactions.


Using this method, it is possible to make a PNC transfer of money from one account to another account in the United States of America. Although it is domestic, it still ships at a rate necessary to complete the transaction. These are the tariffs for domestic PNC transfer transactions.

  • Incoming domestic wire transfer transaction fees are charged at $ 15 per transaction.
  • Outbound domestic wire transfer transaction fees are charged at $ 30 per transaction.
  • Outbound domestic remittance transactions that are entirely over the phone (In cases where the sender cannot physically visit the local PNC office, they are allowed to process the call transactions), there will be a fee of $ 45 per transaction.


International transfers are costly regardless of the bank. Transferring money across continents is actually a big deal that not all banks can easily do. PNC Bank’s fees for international PNC transfers are some of the most expensive. But that is exactly what banks need in order to guarantee you a safe transaction.

  • Incoming transfer fees for overseas transfers are charged at $ 15 per transaction.
  • Outbound transfer fees for overseas transfers are charged at $ 45 per transaction.

These are the rates at which domestic and overseas PNC remittance transactions are conducted.

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PNC transfer

To the shock of users, PNC does not yet allow online payment or transfer processing. This is indeed a major disadvantage for today’s youth who would like to transact with a few simple steps on their cell phone. That’s probably why we’re also seeing the rise of cryptocurrencies. PNC keeps the old way of conducting a transaction. A person who wants to send money via PNC transfer must visit their local PNC office.

  • Visit the local PNC bank branch
  • Request the transfer application form from the employee at the PNC branch.
  • Fill out the form, sign it and tell the PNC branch representative whether your transaction is domestic or international.
  • Submit the form to start the transaction.
  • The PNC branch employee processes the transaction and provides a receipt for the transaction.
  • Keep the receipt in a safe place as it can be helpful to identify your transaction if there is a problem with the transaction.

Domestic transfer transactions typically take 1-2 working days, and international transfer transactions can take up to 2-3 working days.

PNC transfer


In order to receive the transaction money from abroad to the PNC account, you must provide the sender with the following information.

PNC Bank SWIFT code for international transfers – PNCCUS33

PNC Bank Routing Transit Number – This depends on the location where the account was opened

Beneficiary Account Number – Enter your full bank account numbers including zeros.

Beneficiary Name – Enter the name as it appears on the declaration.

Use the address provided for the PNC bank address for transfers, regardless of your account and branch:

PNC Bank NA, 222 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19899

So that’s all in terms of the PNC remittance transactions. We hope that you now understand how a PNC transfer should be carried out. If this article was helpful, please share with other people who may also benefit from it.

Have fun financing!

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