Sun West adds Dickinson as a reverse mortgage planner

Buena Park, Calif. Based Sun West Mortgage Company announced the hiring of John Dickinson as the company’s reverse mortgage planner to expand its west coast operations. According to a company announcement, the company entered its Roseville, California office.

Dickinson was most recently a reverse mortgage advisor for Liberty Reverse Mortgage. This can be seen from the employment history available on his LinkedIn profile. He has worked in the mortgage industry for the past 30 years and held at least two different roles during his nine-year tenure at Liberty before joining Sun West.

“A reverse mortgage is a good financial tool for retired seniors,” said Dickinson in announcing his hiring.

Sun West CEO Leif Boyd said the company would like to leverage its expertise in building relationships with senior clients to expand its presence in reverse mortgages.

“John brings a wealth of experience and success to our team,” said Boyd. “He leads with customer experience and consistently does the right thing for his customer. We are honored that John decided to use his talents to improve our growing team. “

In June 2020, Sun West announced that it had reintroduced its proprietary reverse mortgage product, CashKeeper, which includes loan amounts of up to $ 2,287,500 for an owner-managed primary residence in purchase and refinancing transactions. The loan amount is based on factors such as the interest rate, home value and age of the youngest borrower or eligible non-lending spouse. A reduction in the loan amount is based on the value of the property.

Sun West Mortgage was last ranked 53rd on a list of the Top 100 Reverse Mortgage Lenders, based on Reverse Market Insight’s retail and wholesale volume, with a total of 93 endorsements over a 12 month period ending February 2021. The majority of Sun West Mortgage Mortgages Volume is on the wholesale side which accounted for over 66% of those endorsements.

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