Why BlackBerry Stock Burst Today

What happened

Shares of BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB) – the former smartphone manufacturer, now a specialist in security software – rose steadily throughout the trading day on Friday and finally ended with a plus of 10.8% due to the closing bell.

so what

There doesn’t seem to be any obvious news behind the stock’s rally today, except for one thing: According to TheFly.com, options activity in today’s BlackBerry trading has been unusually positive as 20% more call options have been bought than usual. This is a bullish signal because buying “calls” allows a contract buyer to force a contract seller to sell the stock at a specified price until a specified time in the future.

Options traders, of course, buy calls when they expect a stock to go up – the idea is to acquire the right to buy stocks at a price that is below the stock’s market price. In the case of BlackBerry, the calls to puts ratio (options that give the right to sell the stock at a set price – a bearish bet) today was 10 to 1 – and that seems very bullish indeed, or shows at least great optimism on the part of the options traders.

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What now

What made these traders so excited? Well, BlackBerry is expected to post its fourth quarter earnings on March 31st. Analysts believe the stock is only expecting earnings of $ 0.03 per share for the quarter, which is a 67% year-over-year decline and a 15% decline in revenue (projected to be $ 246.4 million) .

If any of these numbers turn out to be less bad than expected – or if BlackBerry just gives a good forecast for the quarter ahead (when analysts expect earnings per share to be just $ 0.01), the folks who talked about BlackBerry today might Buy Options, Do This Make a decent profit in a couple of weeks.

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