The 91-year-old Australian artist is suing the stepdaughter for influencing the sick mother’s $ 3 million

According to The Australian, she even moved into the family home to take care of her mother in the weeks leading up to her death in December 2016.

Meanwhile, Olsen, who was married to Katharine for 27 years, said his wife’s behavior had changed significantly during that time, describing her as “very irrational”.

“She got kind of very anxious, quite abusive to a number of people,” he said in court after The Australian.

“My wife didn’t ask or tell me that Karen gave Mentink any money. I would never give that much money to anyone. “

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During Monday’s trial, Mentink’s attorney Raoul Wilson asked SC Olsen if Katherine had been “reasonable” in the months leading up to her death, to which he reportedly replied, “In hindsight, no.”

Starts at 60 contacted representatives of both parties prior to publication.

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