Stock exchange summit? “Easy money” has been made, but there is room for more profit, say strategists


The easy money phase of the US stock market rally is likely over, but there is still room for profit as economic growth advances into 2021, bullish investors say. See full story.

Big Tech’s trillion-dollar pandemic year might just be the beginning

This week wraps up the five biggest tech giants’ earnings reports for the first quarter, showing just how much bigger big tech has actually grown since the pandemic began a year ago, and their results are astounding. See full story.

If you think inflation is a long-term threat, make these portfolio moves now

Shift exposure to bonds, add gold and other commodities, and look for dividend increases in the stock markets. See full story.

Berkshire Hathaway returns to quarterly earnings on insurance and stock market gains

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway posted a quarterly profit on stock market gains and better insurance results. See full story.

Avoiding Biden’s proposed capital gains tax hikes won’t be that easy – will it?

Many taxpayers could avoid the tax by timing capital gains to be realized, but removing the increased base gap could mean the government would generate a ton of revenue. See full story.


“This has the potential to go from a trickle to a post-pandemic flood,” says one expert. But others disagree. See full story.

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