MP is happy to help the bank find a location for mobile banking in Corstorphine

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has offered TSB to find a location in Corstorphine for their mobile banking advisor after branches in the city have been closed.

Ms. Jardine’s offer came at a meeting between the bank and local elected officials to address concerns about the growing lack of banking facilities and personal advice following the announced closings in Corstorphine, Gorgie and Pilton as part of a nationwide strategy.

Although most cash transactions are done at post offices, the mobile advisor would visit Corstorphine one day a week and TSB is currently looking for a convenient location for personal services.

Ms Jardine has raised concerns that more needs to be done to ensure that all residents across Edinburgh West have adequate access to personal banking services.

Ms. Jardine said: “I have serious concerns about the lack of facilities and access to banking services. While this is not ideal if it helps me find a suitable location in Corstorphine.

“Although post offices have access to cash services, there are times when you need personal advice and not everyone uses online banking.

“While the mobile replacement advisor is good news for customers in Corstorphine, it is not a complete solution as there are other parts of Edinburgh West where transport links are not ideal, especially for disabled and elderly customers.”

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