Insurance Investment Report in Europe and Bermuda published by Insurance Risk Data

Insurance Risk Data, InsuranceERM’s data arm, has released a new research report analyzing the investment performance of over 200 insurers across Europe, including Switzerland and Bermuda, in 2020.

The Investment Investment Report for Europe and Bermuda Insurance – 2020/2021 examines how, where and why insurers in Europe and Bermuda made and lost money on their general account investments in a turbulent 2020.

It also explains where insurers want their general accounts to be in 2021.

The research offers insights on 173 pages and 150 charts and is an invaluable compendium for CIOs and senior risk managers of insurers to evaluate their investment performance.

In addition, service providers receive critical market intelligence to understand what is affecting insurers’ investment returns and where CIOs want better results, protection strategies and access to new asset classes.

The study includes data on both the performance of individual underwriters – including all Lloyd’s syndicates – and the allocation patterns of types of underwriters such as reinsurers and Bermuda companies, including total return insurers.

The report reveals:

  • How investment returns for large insurance groups changed in 2020
  • Which Lloyd’s Syndicate CIO did the best in 2020 and 2019
  • Which major life insurers had to accept a reduction in their investment margins in 2020?
  • Whether the investment returns for the Bermudian total return insurers are actually falling
  • How do the general accounts of reinsurers that focus on non-life risk differ from those that focus on life risk?

The Investment Performance Report for Insurance Companies in Europe and Bermuda – 2020/2021 contains the results of more than 1,000 specific investment stress tests that European insurers have carried out based on their Solvency II ratios.

There is also a section on fund-based investing, which shows what types of fund structures European insurers are using for a range of asset classes, and a section that analyzes how general accounts fared in the third quarter of 2020.

Contact for more information and a free sample of the report [email protected]

David Walker

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