Cytegic and S-RM Intelligence and Risk Consulting announce strategic partnership to take the rapid quantification of cyber risks to a new level

NEW YORK, September 30, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Cytegic, the leading automated comprehensive cyber risk management platform driving the cyber insurance revolution, and S-RM Intelligence and Risk Consulting, one of the world’s leading risk and intelligence advisory firms, today have a strategic Cytegic’s Fast Cyber ​​Partnership Announced Risk Quantification in Global Markets and Insurance Industries.

“Insurance companies are looking to write cyber risk smarter, more efficiently and more transparently. They want to understand how analytics can help them tailor their service offering and sales pitch, regardless of where they work,” he said Steven Schwartz, VP for Strategy and Insurance. “Cytegic is the fundamental mechanism that enables the industry to do just that. We are delighted that this strategic partnership with S-RM continues to add value to Cytegic, to companies and to its global resources, through its extensive expertise and global resources Enabling Insurance Industry To Act Quickly Quantify Cyber ​​Risk. Our combined resources will seek to transform traditional cyber risk management through value-added automated insights and professional support that optimize spending between risk mitigation and risk transfer to achieve cyber resilience . “

The lack of historical experience and the rapidly evolving nature of cyber risk pose significant challenges in quantifying cyber risk. Due to limited human and financial resources, many companies have a poor understanding of what their cyber risk actually means for their bottom line.

“By partnering with Cytegic, we can add a new dimension to optimizing cyber risk management and resilience,” he said Billy Gouveia, Senior Managing Director for Cybersecurity at S-RM. “Cytegic’s robust solution helps S-RM’s cyber consultants help our clients identify, measure and manage cyber risks and increase efficiency.”

From brokers to underwriters to board members, the entire value chain can leverage the power of Cytegic with the intellectual and human capital of S-RM to take full advantage of rapid cyber risk quantification and cyber risk management.

Elon KaplanCytegic CEO said, “We are excited to partner with S-RM, a global leader in risk consulting with extensive expertise in cyber risk management and insurance, to drive the cyber insurance revolution. invasive and automated quantification of cyber risks by Cytegic The platform enables end-to-end cost-optimized management and an ROI of reducing cyber risks and transferring cyber risks with precision, validity and financial transparency. “


S-RM is a global risk and intelligence consultancy. The company, founded in 2005, has more than 300 experts and consultants in six international branches and looks after customers in all regions and in all important sectors. Our team of experts speaks more than 30 languages ​​with backgrounds in intelligence, government, finance, journalism, military and science and is supported by a network of more than 1200 partners and advisors. We support world-class organizations at all levels, from corporate boards to frontline teams, and offer intelligence, resilience and responsiveness. We provide information that informs important decisions and strategies from investments and partnerships to disputes. We’re making companies more resilient to cyberattacks and physical security threats. We enable companies and organizations to react quickly and effectively to cyber attacks, security incidents and organizational crises. Further information can be found at


Cytegic’s revolutionary cyber risk quantification platform is the industry’s first end-to-end automated solution that encompasses the full scope of cyber risk assessment and financial impact analysis across the insurance and risk value chain. After more than 25 man-years of R&D and 4 issued US patents, Cytegic has taken pioneering steps in the extremely challenging task of quantifying cyber risk at all sizes from SMB to Fortune 500. Used worldwide by insurers, corporations and global consulting partners, the Automated Cyber ​​Risk Officer (ACRO) from Cytegic, use forward-looking, contextual and quantified global threat intelligence with internal, technologically validated defense functions to reduce risks to the company’s assets and financial impact automatically identified at every level of granularity. We can finally talk about cyber risk as a business risk tied to dollars and ROI. and make informed business decisions.

Contact information

Cytegic: Steven Schwartz, VP, Strategy & Insurance, [email protected]

S-RM: Billy Gouveia, Senior Managing Director, [email protected].

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