Banking trends keep changing –

As COVID restrictions tighten again, companies continue to adapt to change. Darwin Johns, CEO of Fusion Credit Union, says they have seen tremendous adoption for digital banking such as online transactions and e-transfers. Johns adds that they will be launching a new banking platform for their clients shortly this summer.

“This will be a new public website, an online banking platform and a new app,” shares Johns. “We’re really looking forward to it and it’s actually quite timely to offer our members a new way to do business with us.”

Johns believes that banking trends have changed over the long term in the wake of the pandemic, although there are still significant numbers of their customers coming through their doors for their personalized service.

“We support every channel our members want to use and enable them to make their decisions about how they want to do business with us. I would definitely say that changes are taking place and we are making sure that we are at the forefront here too. “

Tim Klassen is CEO of Sunrise Credit Union. Klassen agrees that the pandemic and the resulting restrictions shall be a priority for our business operations, including holding meetings and conferences. It is the second year that the general meeting has practically been held for its 20 branch regions.

Klassen says their members had more participation through the online forum, which could set the trend for years to come.

“We have a lot more commitment in all of our branch regions. In the past we have tried to hold our meetings in person. We changed the annual meeting between the congregations, wherever the branch offices were. “

“But this virtual system is very efficient and has allowed a lot more engagement from the members. I think this is something we will look at and see if we may not be able to move forward in that regard.”

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